An analysis of suffrage wins in senate constitutional amendment

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Florida voters approve constitutional amendment restoring voting rights to most felons

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Election Results 2018

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African Americans and the 15th Amendment

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Inside the health care amendments from the Senate's 'vote-a-rama'

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Welcome to the Minnesota Senate

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Live Florida election results, including governor, senate, Leon County, amendments. results and analysis can be found on Callie and Lilly, (2) vote at the Lafayette.

Although the House of Representatives had approved a 19th constitutional amendment giving women suffrage, the Senate had yet to vote on the measure.

Electoral reform in the United States

Overview The Elizabeth Cady Stanton House, M’Clintock House, and Wesleyan Chapel at the Women’s Rights National Historical Park and the Women’s Hall of Fame serve as backdrops for discussions about the first women’s rights convention, Woodrow Wilson and women’s suffrage, and the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment.

The Colored Teachers State Association of Texas is organized in Austin. Helen Marr Kirby is the first woman on the administrative staff of the University of Texas, in charge of women students, a position she holds for the next 35 years. Such amendments would not have been necessary if President Grant (the darling among radicals) and Congress understood the Fourteenth Amendment to have directly imposed upon the States and resident citizens therein the entire federal bill of rights.

The Constitution of the United States The authoritative reference with expert, clause-by-clause analysis. Full Text of the Constitution.

An analysis of suffrage wins in senate constitutional amendment
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