Healthcare analysis

2017 Medical Malpractice Payout Analysis

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Sample Analysis

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Read the news as it happens! Gain deeper insight into the trends driving changes in the US healthcare labor market and more detailed findings from our analysis to help you build your workforce for the future.

Across the health care industry, companies are operating within a landscape defined by evolving regulation and increased need for risk management, mitigation, and sharing.

Analysis: Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Decline in First Half of 2018

Analysis Group has developed a detailed understanding of the health care sector and its unique institutional structure, market dynamics, and business and regulatory challenges. The healthcare data analysis lifecycle.

Stage 1: Data Capture An analyst’s job is impacted by the way people, processes, and devices produce and capture data. The Economist Intelligence Unit's healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical devices service offers in-depth analysis, data and forecasts.

Analysis by Change Healthcare reveals that out of an estimated $3 trillion in medical claims submitted inan estimated 9% were initially denied.

Healthcare analysis
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