Lord randall analysis

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Lord Randall

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Classical music commentary with reviews of new releases of baroque opera & early music CDs & historically-inspired stagings and dance. Young Lord Randall, like many a young lad, isn't exactly the most forthcoming son.

Lord Randal

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Lord Randal is a traditional popular ballad written in the late Middle Ages. Its text is part of a volume written in ca and published in the “English and Scottish Popular Ballads”.

Mid-America Journal of Theology Journal of Theology Archives.

Mid-America Journal of Theology

The Mid-America Journal of Theology is a collection of scholarly articles and book reviews published once a year, typically in the fall. "Lord Randall" is what is known as a "border ballad," referring to the border between England and Scotland.

This is a Scottish ballad written in a Scottish dialect, so it could be called Anglo.

Lord randall analysis
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