Quantitative analysis

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Quantitative analysis (finance)

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Quantitative analysis (chemistry)

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Quantitative analyst

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quantitative analysis

Chemistry. the analysis of a substance to determine the amounts and proportions of its chemical constituents. Compare qualitative analysis.; Business. the use of especially computerized mathematical analysis to support decision making, make business forecasts or investment recommendations, etc.

The “quantitative” approach to investing seeks to pay attention to the numbers instead of the intangibles. In analytical chemistry, quantitative analysis is the determination of the absolute or relative abundance (often expressed as a concentration) of one, several or all particular substance(s) present in a sample.

quantitative analysis n. The testing of a substance or mixture to determine the amounts and proportions of its chemical constituents. quantitative analysis n (Chemistry) See analysis4 quan′titative anal′ysis n.


Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

the analysis of a substance to determine the amounts and proportions of its chemical constituents. 2. Business. the use of esp. Quantitative analysis is the foundation of a broad array of investment and financial decision-making methods.

However, it is not the only way to determine whether an investment is worthwhile. PS15 Guide to Method Validation for Quantitative Analysis in Chemical Testing Laboratories Issue 5 September Page 2 of 23 1. FOREWORD With the introduction of EN ISO/IECthe requirements governing the documentation of methods, including method selection and validation of methods, have been amplified.

Quantitative analysis
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